nik... (darkshadow) wrote,

baking n tired

its hot as hell in my room,
i fell like i can hardly breathe.
my dad insists on turnin the heat up to 150.
nats still here, leaving tomorrow though.
so shell be home for 2 days then shes coming back for thanksgiving.
so yeah, pretty much shes here 5 days a week for the past few months.
the computer seems to be workin well,
it froze earlier today when ant was on,
not happy about that at all, but well see how it goes.
i still have 13 days if i want to return it.
we renting Need for Speed Underground, so so addicting.
Probobly gonna end up buyin it or SWAT with my remaining
money on my circuit city gift card.
well im gonna go..nice to be able to type
take care.
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