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Some people are so fuckin dumb.


Ok now that that worthless trash is out of the way,
just wanted to update everyone in case they care, on what I've been up to.
Been working at Mapes (Local Retail Store near me) for a few months now listing things on Ebay with Nat for them.
It's been the perfect job, You pick your hours and you can come in late. I don't make much but I don't need much right now, really, so I like it there.
On the side been selling like crazy on Ebay to get this laptop that Im using now, just bought it tonight.
I also have plans to start a business with our manager at mapes, Nat and Myself doing Ebay Consignment.
We've begun tramforming my downstairs room into an office that we will be using as our "headquarters".
I'm really excited about it though, I think it will do well.
In other new, Nat and I are still together and going strong. We gave eachother rings from Zales for Christmas. We're thinking if we havent killed eachother yet maybe we'll get engaged on our 2 year anniversary.
Boy I'll tell you, I never thought living with someone would be so difficult, but I also know If I didn't love her so much I'd never been able to make it this far.
It's something I've never expirenced before, loving and being loved back.
It makes me feel like..I have a purpose in life.

Oh and I almost forgot..

IM FINALLY 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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